Our mission is to provide an alternate Artistic View and resolution to what our customers and clients have own their minds. Artistic Enhancements and a unique perspective for you – our customers!

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Artists – Art Projects & Design Consulting

Photography & Digital Services

Events Planner & Catering

DJ Music & Karaoke

Information Technology Support

Home Improvements & Landscape

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Volunteering an Affiliation Program Services

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Volunteer to serve and to do a service, if our customer is happy with the results or product, they will bless us with a monetary value. Some services will require you to have your own equipment and supplies. As our customer explore our creative solutions, and become overly satisfied with our services. We hope they would call upon us again and refer us to their friends and family too. We want our customers to adopt us as family.
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Our volunteers gain professional experience and then become an affiliate of AUIC4.com – Join the team by serving and providing Artistic results. Submit your resume and short biography, with your skills and talents. Your request will be privately reviewed and considered. You will be given a confidential reply within 45 days.
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Allot of our current work is located in the DMV which includes the District of Columbia or Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. But guess what! We are virtual too, and have the technology to do some projects anywhere in the world. We are willing to take assignments anywhere; you provide the ticket and living provisions for the duration of the project. Use any of our affiliates and receive discounts right away. Take a glance at our recommended links and affiliates.

Providing positive services and making life changing smiles! Motivating everyone to continue to do the right thing, serve and gain rewards.

Volunteer to serve on some projects, then gain experience and a possibility for some positive cash flow. That even may lead up to full time employment.

We have great referrals and we recommend services of others, which include entrepreneurs, small to large corporations.

Members an Affiliates will receive email correspondences for any services requested for them.

Our DMV team and professional cliental include the following:
(And this list just keeps on growing!)

  • Artist
  • Artistic Advisors
  • Web Designers
  • Photographers
  • Landscape workers
  • IT Professionals
  • Personal Fitness Training & Weight Control
  • Events and Catering Services
  • Chaperones & Field Trip Planners/Guides
  • DJ’s & Sound System Services
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Veteran Services
  • Travel Agents